About Us

Nick Higgin

Hello, my name is Nick Higgin. I am the owner of BioJuice as well as it's sister business called BioVibes (www.biovibes.co.uk) We are a preventative health care company based near Malpas, Cheshire. Our aim at BioJuice is to provide highly nutritious & great tasting juices and smoothies, as well as alkaline water filters, that will help all the family, kids and grown-ups alike, in their effort to support and strengthen their Immune System and improve their health naturally. 

We aim to target the cause of disease and illness and not just the symptom. Deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other micronutrients are at the very root of the development of cancer, disease and illness. Targeting this root cause, and not the symptoms, can dramatically supercharge your health and well-being, making you look and feel years younger as well as support graceful aging ... not to mention aiding the prevention of chronic diseases. 

At BioJuice we have put together a range of over 50 delicious tasting, alkalising and Immune System supporting fruit and veg juices, smoothies and shots that you can either buy online or by calling us and placing your order over the phone.

We also sell a range of excellent water filters. Since drinking clean filtered fresh water is also incredibly important to your health we have a section of the website that covers Jug Filters as well as Counter Top / Undercounter alkaline water filters.

Your body is the filter for the water you drink, and tap water contains many toxins from pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, fluorides etc that add to it's already toxic load. Using a good water filter to remove these toxins is a must. We have a section on Water Filters on this website, that covers this issue and provides a low-cost answer to the problem.

We also run a sister website called BioVibes - www.biovibes.co.uk - which covers various other alternative health remedies, such as Earthing Sheets (for better sleep), Colloidal Silver (for colds and flu), Supergreen Powders (for general health), Geopathic Stress (for general health), Heavy Metal Detox (an all natural heavy metal detox) and Aloe Arborescens (for health and cancer).

Our Juices, Smoothies and Shots

Our natural, alkalising and raw fresh fruits and vegetable juices and smoothies are juiced and then instantly frozen to preserve as many of the micro-nutrients as possible. They are 100% un-pastuerised, there is no added sugar and they are Gluten free.

  • 100% Unpasteurised
  • Natural Raw Food
  • No Added Sugar - Gluten Free
  • Rich in Minerals, Vitamins & Vital Micro-Nutrients
  • Highly Nutritious & Frozen in Time

You can now easily and simply flood your body with health-enhancing alkaline fruit and vegetable juices and make way for a remarkable transformation in your health and well-being.

By just drinking at least ONE of our BioJuice Fruit Juices/Smoothies and ONE of our Fruit/Veg Juices or Shots each day allows you to meet and often EXCEED the daily recommended nutritional requirements with relative ease and flood your body with acid balancing alkalinity. This can significantly reduce your chances of disease and cancer and help you to feel younger as well as supporting graceful aging.

Ultimately your health is 100% your responsibility - Today you can take a big, yet simple, step towards improving your health and creating your own personal ‘PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE’ programme for disease & illness prevention, by a daily drink of alkalising and mico-nutrient rich natural & unpasteurised BioJuice smoothies and juices.In most cases it is our ‘Immune System’ which has become overwhelmed by toxins and lack of minearls, vitamins and micro-nutrients, to the point where it cannot protect us as effectively as it was designed to do.

What People Say

Just like to give u some feed back on juices. First of all they are the best raw ingredients we have ever tasted in a bottle. And also my wife has leukemia, its under control and she is fine she was diagnosed 7 yrs ago and on tablet form of medication, every month she has had her blood count checked to see the progression of how the tablets work, well its been ok for the last 7 yrs but since ordering the juices with yourselves her blood counts have improved drastically to the point the doctors have give her a bone marrow check to look at the DNA of the disease and they are amazed with the results, now I'm not saying this is a miracle cure, but my wife has never been so well and thank you for your products.

Mr L from Lancashire

The 16 Veg Cleanser was a real winner - Very alkalising and refreshing. Have just ordered a case for the freezer. Just perfect - thank you.

Josh Butler

I was a little apprenhesive with the Vegetable juices to begin with, but they have been skilfully blended to taste very good. The Fruit Juices and Nut Mylks are also yummy and are loved by the children, which is brilliant. They really help exceed your 5 a day!

Mary Hobday