The Amazing Health Benefits of
Raw Foods From
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There's a health condition that affects us all in some way or other and is the root cause of many of our illnesses and diseases today. If ignored it could erupt into a chronic problem with serious, and often devastating, health consequences.
That condition is called ACIDOSIS and is measured in the body by a scale called pH.

The pH Scale Simplified ...

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 and shows how acidic or alkalizing a substance is.
Substances with a pH over 7 are alkalizing
Substances with a pH under 7 are acidic
Substances with a pH of 7 are neutral

Acidosis is a health condition in the body, characterized by increased acidity in the blood and other body tissues. In order for our blood to effectively transport oxygen and other vital nutrients, its pH needs to stay within a very narrow range - 7.36 to 7.44, though the closer to 7.4 the better.  Deviations too far in either direction can be dangerous. Most tissues in our body are naturally alkaline. However, when we eat acid-forming foods ... or when we work our muscles hard... when we're exposed to acid rain from the environment, or pollutants in the air or water ... when we take prescription drugs... or even when we just breathe, we generate acid. That acid must then be neutralized to keep the pH of our blood balanced.

When your acid/alkaline pH balance is too low (i.e. too acidic), it means acid is eating away at your heart, brain cells, muscles, bones, joints - and practically every organ of your body - causing an untold number of health problems such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, depression, joint pain, osteoporosis, bladder and kidney conditions, digestive problems - and even premature aging. It also depletes our Immune System which is the body's main defence against illness and disease.

Processed Foods & Sugar

The diet many of us eat today is mainly acidic to the body. This includes the processed food we eat and the high volume of sugar that we consume, that is also hidden in many processed foods and cereals. Much of the alcohol we drink and the fizzy soft drinks are highly acidic. Other contributing factors to the body's acidity are a lack of exercise, poor emotional well-being and stress control. If you have a health problem, most likely you are acidic.

Too much acidity will decrease the body's ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients, decrease the energy production in the cells, decrease it's ability to repair damaged cells, decrease it's ability to detoxify heavy metals, decrease your Immune System, make tumor cells thrive, and make it more susceptible to fatigue and illness. The body will try to compensate for acidic pH by using alkaline minerals which it draws from your organs and bones. If the diet does not contain enough minerals to compensate, a build up of acids in the cells will occur.

Acidosis destroys your body from the inside out, creating the perfect environment for pathogens to thrive.  When your body remains in an acidic state for a prolonged period of time, it depletes your Immune System and puts you at greater risk of illnesses and diseases. All our internal organs suffer when our pH levels are off.  Research indicates acidosis may be the root cause of many forms of cancer. Studies have shown that there are two environment prerequisites for the development of cancer cells: a lack of oxygen and an acidic pH.  Acidosis creates both those conditions.

Our Immune System Health

There is only one thing that is going to enable your body to heal itself and that is your own Immune System. Our Immune System mops up cancer cells, that healthy people produce, every day. Disease and cancer only becomes a problem when the Immune System becomes depleted. Huge numbers of people in the UK have compromised 'Immune Systems' and suffer varied forms of acute and degenerative diseases, due to acidosis as well as airborne and waterborne toxins, food toxins, stress and negative emotions and the many types of drugs and vaccines that are meant to heal us.


Even if you've accumulated years of acid damage, it's not too late.  EVERY DAY, you get a chance to start again.  No matter how unhealthy your lifestyle has been... how much junk food you've eaten... how much alcohol you've consumed... how many recreational drugs you've taken... or how much pollution you've been exposed to, you can return your body to a healthy pH, boost your Immune System and protect your future health and well-being.

It is widely acknowledged that the best alkaline-forming foods include fruits (such as acai, camu-camu, berries, lemons, avacados, cacao etc.), leafy green vegetables (such as moringa, wheatgrass, kale, spinach, barleygrass etc.), and sea vegetables/fresh water algae (such as certain seaweeds, spirulina and chlorella).  When you consume these raw foods on a daily basis, it's equivalent to flooding your body with an alkaline-forming ELIXIR that supports healing and health restoration.


What if you could trade your body in for a new and healthier one ... just like trading in your old car for a newer and better model?
Imagine how many health problems you'd avoid... how fast your supercharged immunity would allow diseases to disappear from your body... how much more energy you'd have... how vibrant and alive you'd feel... and how many more years you'd add to your lifespan. 

Most of us do not realise that the human body has an amazing ability to regenerate. IF you give it the materials it needs, you can literally create a NEW & IMPROVED you.  In less than one year, your body will have rebuilt 98% of itself, cell by cell. It takes a year for your brain to replace itself, 4 months for your blood supply, 3 months for your entire skeleton, 6 weeks for your liver, a month for your skin, and just 5 days for the lining of your stomach!


With the right raw food ingredients, you can experience a partial body transformation in as little as 30 days.

We have put together a range of over 50 delicious tasting, alkalising and Immune System supporting fruit and veg juices and smoothies. These natural, alkalising and raw fresh fruits and vegetables are juiced and then instantly frozen to preserve as many of the micro-nutrients as possible. They are 100% un-pasteurised, there is no added sugar and they are Gluten free.

  • Natural Raw Food 
  • 100% Unpasteurised 
  • No Added Sugar & Gluten Free 
  • Highly Nutritious - Rich in Minerals & Vitamins 
  • Frozen Immediately After Juicing

Cooking food destroys 100% of all enzymes in a food. Because many foods contain the necessary enzymes needed to digest that food (and get the nutrients out of the food), cooking food places a great burden on our body and does not allow you to get as many nutrients out of the food. NB: Some vegetables, however, are generally, but not always, cooked, such as peas and green beans, to name but two.

There are two advantages to juicing vegetables and fruits. First, juicing makes the nutrients in a fruit or vegetable more digestible by the body, meaning more of the nutrients are extracted from the vegetables or fruits with less of the obstructing fibers. The second advantage is that you can consume a lot more vegetables (particularly vegetables and fruits with cancer killing nutrients) in a shorter amount of time and with a lot less effort. Juicing is an excellent way to consume your fruits and vegetables.

It's been estimated that up to one-third of cancers are related to food we eat. ... that's a lot of preventable cancers! Studies show that having an apple a day plus a veggie-intensive diet is a great way of helping prevent cancer. Apples contain phytonutrients or phytochemicals (compounds found in plants) which act as antixiodants against LDL (low-density lipoproteins), the damaging portion of cholesterol in the blood stream. Apples are also rich in pectins, which are soluble fibres which it has been demonstrated are effective in lowering cholesterol levels. Apples help us to ward off strokes and certain types of cancers - especially lung cancer.

According to the world’s largest study on multivitamins, people who take multivitamins supplements are not gaining the best health benefits. Instead, most of the vitamins and minerals are excreted, thereby earning them the nickname of “expensive urine.” That’s because this is the way vitamin and mineral supplements are made - The nutrients in foods are isolated and extracted, and put into a synthetic chemical structure that the body does not recognize as food. On the other hand, our wholefood raw juices are easily and quickly assimiliated into the body ensuring max nutrition and absorbtion by the body.

You also need to take into account that today’s produce is significantly lower in essential nutrients than foods produced 50 years ago because modern farming practices have depleted our soils of minerals. Depleted soils yield nutrient-poor produce. You now need approximately 10 servings of vegetables and fruits to obtain the nutritional equivalent of 1 serving from 50 years ago. To this end we have sourced plant derived trace minerals which we add as a supplement to some of our raw juices to bring them right back to the high mineral concentrations (over 75 trace minerals) that our ancestors benefited from.

You can now easily and simply flood your body with health-enhancing alkaline fruit and vegetable juices and make way for this remarkable transformation.

By just drinking at least ONE of our BioJuice Fruit/Veg Juices or Smoothies each day allows you to meet and often EXCEED the daily recommended nutritional requirements with relative ease and flood your body with acid balancing alkalinity. This can significantly reduce your chances of disease and cancer and help you to feel younger as well as supporting graceful aging. 


To achieve good health, you DO NOT have to change your current diet or lifestyle, or go to the gym to work out. You can still drink beer and wine each day and still have some 'junk food' from time to time. But, once you start to see and feel the benefits of our daily juices and clean filtered water, the realisation will slowly dawn on you that you MUST keep one eye on what you eat and drink. MODERATION is the keyword. 

It may sound unbelievable, but I promise you, if you drink our raw foods made from alkalising and nutritious Fruit and Veg juices - as well as clean filtered water - then over the period of a few months you SHOULD see a noticeable difference to your general health and well-being and see a lowering of your weight.

Ultimately your health is 100% your responsibility - Today you can take a big, yet simple, step towards improving your health and creating your own personal ‘PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE’ programme for disease & illness prevention, by a daily drink of alkalising and mico-nutrient rich natural & unpasteurised BioJuice smoothies and juices. It is also important to combine the BioJuice with filtered alkalising water. A good filter will remove most of the toxins from your tap water. See our Water Filters info.

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What People Say

Just like to give u some feed back on juices. First of all they are the best raw ingredients we have ever tasted in a bottle. And also my wife has leukemia, its under control and she is fine she was diagnosed 7 yrs ago and on tablet form of medication, every month she has had her blood count checked to see the progression of how the tablets work, well its been ok for the last 7 yrs but since ordering the juices with yourselves her blood counts have improved drastically to the point the doctors have give her a bone marrow check to look at the DNA of the disease and they are amazed with the results, now I'm not saying this is a miracle cure, but my wife has never been so well and thank you for your products.

Mr L from Lancashire

The 16 Veg Cleanser was a real winner - Very alkalising and refreshing. Have just ordered a case for the freezer. Just perfect - thank you.

Josh Butler

I was a little apprenhesive with the Vegetable juices to begin with, but they have been skilfully blended to taste very good. The Fruit Juices and Nut Mylks are also yummy and are loved by the children, which is brilliant. They really help exceed your 5 a day!

Mary Hobday